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You’re a videographer, production company, marketeer, business manager or company boss.
And you need help getting your video message across, writing your script and voicing it.  
I help you write and say the words you need for your audience and move them to action.

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Overcome creative block.

Generate a wealth of ideas.

Find your story.


Elton John has Bernie Taupin write the lyrics to his songs. 

But who do you have to script the words for your video content and voice-overs?

My expertise is exactly that.

Writing words for the screen. 

Words that move your audience to action.

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Hi, I’m Margaret, and I am devoted to stories.

Written, spoken, performed or filmed stories.

I write, act, direct, deliver writing workshops and perform voice-overs.

Which means I suffer from a chronic condition known as multi-hyphenate.

I just love telling yarns and helping people find the best way to tell theirs.

I also love entertaining or keeping the interest of the audience.


A story transforms and transports an audience.

Provokes questions.

Explains ideas or solves problems.

Simple stories, complex stories, product stories, personal stories.

We’ve all had the experience of hearing a story that helped us.

A story that seemed written for us at that moment.

Writing compelling stories means understanding your audience.

Seeing and hearing as they do.

Speaking to them in a familiar voice they care about.

My job is to hook, interest, inform, surprise, and serve the audience.

Scriptwriting is a skill that pulls the audience in with emotion and connection.

A skill that crafts your story with visual language.

Anchors your video and visuals with clear words and structure.

Maps your audience journey.

In a voice that connects and moves them to action.

I help you find and say the words you need to say for your audience.

Margaret Kane-Rowe is a multi-award-winning scriptwriter, filmmaker, actress and voice-over artist.

In 2017, she won the Showtime Channel, Tony Cox scriptwriting award. She is still processing the fact that part of the prize was being mentored by Oscar-nominated director Noah Baumbach. It was one of the few times she lost all her words.

Margaret was shortlisted for the 2020 London Independent Short Story prize. And a finalist at the 2018  Nashville film festival.

In 2018 she received the Kildare County Council Short Grass film bursary.

Wrote and directed the award-winning short-film Duck Egg Blue in 2019.

And in December 2020 she won the best debut director award at the Dublin International Comedy Film Festival.

Full artistic CV is available on request.

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